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Why Us

Regardless of what kind of car you’re searching for – we can help you find it.

Used cars in Kansas city aren’t hard to find … but a trustworthy vendor is.

When you deal with MokanAutos you secure yourself industry level service, advice and quality.

It’s by providing you with our 7 Essential Customer Benefits that we know you’ll be another smiling testimonial once we’re done.

So Why Us?

  • You’re dealing with 33 years of experience.
  • You’re backed with hundreds of satisfied customers & testimonials
  • You save time by talking to decision makers and not ‘sales’ reps.
  • You get the car that YOU can afford with reasonable financing.
  • You gain instant access to the private online inventory of over 20 car dealerships.
  • You don’t have to leave your house (we can deliver the car right to your door!)
  • You get some of the best financing opportunities out there.

It’s that simple.

Our 3 step process makes quick, simple and easy to get approved for financing.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch for a free no obligation phone consultation.

We’ll also send you some information about resolving bad credit

If you’re ready to finance a used car in Kansas city fill out the form now for a free no obligation consultation and quote.

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