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How Do You Buy A Car With Bad Credit in Kansas City?

buy a car with bad credit.jpg 072811 150x150 How Do You Buy A Car With Bad Credit in Kansas City?Are you needing to buy a car with bad credit? Have you actually went to a dealership and been turned down because of your bad credit? This is a common occurrence today so do not give up because it is possible to get a nearly new car, truck or SUV if you work with the right dealership.

There are basically have 2 different scenarios that are happening today if you need to buy a car with bad credit. The first is a person has poor credit and their credit score is between 510 – 620 and they can go to an auto dealership with an experienced Special Financing group and probably get a loan and nearly new vehicle, assuming that this group does a great job for you in helping you get financing. MoKan Autos in Kansas City has excellent resources to help you buy a car with bad credit because this is all they do all day every day is help people with poor or bad credit so we have many resources to call on when looking for your financing. We have over 30 years experience helping our customers get special financing so we know what we are doing. We also have a large inventory of vehicles to choose from so you should be able to find a car, truck or SUV that you will be happy with. We also give you at least a 3 month warranty with your vehicle to protect in case something goes wrong with the car. Lots of times the car you are buying will have some of the warranty left over up to 100,000 miles depending on the vehicle you buy.

The second scenario is a person having a credit score of less than 520 and we cannot help this person because we do not work with any lenders that work with this type of credit score.  In this case you will need to ask a relative or friend with better credit to cosign with you and then we could possible help you or go to a Buy Here Pay Here lot and have to pay higher interest rates. If you go this type of place to buy a car with bad credit, be very careful in the vehicle you buy. You should take it to a garage and have then run some test on it to make sure its in good shape. The worst thing that could happen is you buy with bad credit and within a month it breaks down and you are without a vehicle again and stuck in a high interest note.

If you live in the greater Kansas City area or with 100 miles of Kansas City, MoKan Autos would like to do business with you. If you are serious about doing business with us, we will deliver the car to you, which helps a lot of people needing to buy a car with bad credit that live within the 100 mile radius of Kansas City.

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